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Thank you John – We lament the loss of John Scade, Founder of MAS Business


John Scade, Founder of MAS Business, left us.

We lose a visionary of a more just and sustainable world, a creative, innovative, kind, generous and committed person with his company and environment, society and the planet.

A pioneer in sustainability in Spain since 1993, John founded the CSR and Sustainability consultancy MAS Business in 2004.

He combined the management of the company with his teaching activity at EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial) and his active participation in different entities related to Sustainability (ICADE Think Tank, AECA CSR Commission, AENOR Ethics Commission, AccountAbility Governing Council, B Corp).

We thank John for his great work and the valuable legacy he leaves to our company and community.

The hummingbird story:

The hummingbird is trying to put out a forest fire by flapping its wings and sowing water droplets.

Somobody asks it: “What are you doing?”

To which the hummingbird replies, “I’m doing my part.”

We have lost our most veteran hummingbird.