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Our mission: to provide our clients with innovative quality services. We are totally focused on helping organisations manage sustainability, by furnishing services and solutions that create economic, social and environmental value and benefit through innovation and knowledge, and taking stakeholder engagement as the basis for our actions.

The following diagram shows how all our services are based on the premise of strengthening relationships between organisations and their stakeholders, as a key element in the advance to sustainability.
To fulfil this mission, we envisage four fundamental pillars in which MAS Business is an acknowledged expert consultant:
    We are able to offer all these services because we have valuable tools that enable organisations to advance in the implementation of policies, strategies and good practices in SR and Sustainability issues:
The following diagram shows how the interrelationships among the different pillars leads to the attainment of management goals geared towards Sustainable Excellence.
Through knowledge of what is implied by joint management of organisations' financial and non-financial matters and their incorporation into the organisations' strategy and management processes, value can be increased, not only from a purely financial point of view, but also from the standpoint of such organisation's intangibles.
The processes of analysis and measurement of the achievements and impacts of strategies and processes implemented, and of any ongoing action plans, not only enable risk factors to be identified and managed, but also enable management to be steered towards continuous improvement.
Through knowledge of what joint management of organisations' financial and non-financial affairs, and measurement and follow-up of their corporate-designed strategy, management processes and activities can mean, negative impacts can be prevented and remedied, and maximum advantage can be taken of the value of positive impacts.
The combination of all three pillars leads to sustainable excellence, inasmuch as adopting an orientation towards continuous improvement of any given organisation's strategy and processes, bearing in mind financial and non-financial matters, makes it possible to:
  • Maximise the creation of shared value for its owners/shareholders and other stakeholders and society in the broadest sense; and,
  • identify, prevent and attenuate any possible adverse impacts.
These are the principal services specifically designed for the development and/or reinforcement of each of the pillars in our clients:

Specialised training in SR and Sustainability:
  • Lectures and talks, in-house workshops, classes, etc.
  • Specialised courses in the AA1000APS, AA1000AS and AA1000SES Standards.
  • Master's degree at the EOI and course on impact measurement.
Personalised services, custom-made for each organisation:
  • LBG and ONLBG methodology for measurement and evaluation of the impact of social action.
  • Initial diagnosis.
  • Materiality studies
  • Analysis of reports with reference to the AA1000 Standard and international best practices.
  • Social action map.
  • Sustainability map.
  • Project evaluation. Project selection.
  • Credibility study.
Fully integrated services custom-made for each organisation:
  • Implementation of a management model of material SR issues
  • Diagnoses and proposals for improvement of SR management systems, as well as systems integration.
  • Specific processes: code of conduct, supplier management, management ethics, etc.
  • Stakeholder dialogue procedure
  • AA1000 reporting models and adaptation to the GRI G4 Guide
  • Design of reports for submission to assurance processes
  • LBG and AA1000 assurance.
The tools and methodologies used by MAS Business to design their solutions:
  • External: AA1000, the Sigma Project, Measurement of Social Action (LBG and ONLBG).
  • In-house: social action map, sustainability map, credibility measurement tool.
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Managing a Sustainable Business, S.L.

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