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The ONLBG framework was created in 2014 in response to the need of a common framework for measuring, managing and communicating the impact of social projects between companies and non-profit organizations. 

It is based on the internationally recognized London Benchmarking Group (LBG) framework and was  adapted to the needs of companies and the third sector and to European legal advancements. 

The practical guide to the ONLBG framework is available for its free download here.

At MAS Business:

We coordinate the Grupo LBG España for social impact measurement. Formed by over 20 companies from different sectors, this group works on the evolution of the LBG/ONLBG framework. We produce an Annual Benchmarking and collaborate in promoting social impact.

We are coordinators of the ONLBG Technical Committee, in which third sector organizations  help the ONLBG framework advance (through specific Working Groups or cooperating with the companies of the Grupo LBG España). 

We developed and we currently manage the online platform masimpact for social impact measurement. This Saas is based on the ONLBG framework and it offers companies, foundations and non-profits a tool to manage, measure and communicate their social impact.

Impact Consulting

Our consulting proposals are tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients. 

Thanks to our expert team in Social Impact, we can offer several services:

social impact management

 We help you create a system for Social Impact management to manage your social projects from their beginning, in order to achieve the best results.

strategic management of social portfolios

We accompany you in the design and management of your social portfolio, to adapt it to the European legal framework.

social impact measurement

We help you measure one or several of your social projects, in order to produce an impact assessment report.


We create a system that helps you in your decision-making of the selection of projects in your social portfolio, through an analysis and the creation of a strategic map.


We create a system to manage and measure the impact of your social or environmental projects.


We certify the correct use of the ONLBG framework in your project, which is analyzed by our expert consultants and awarded with our seal.


We support you in the management and training of your team, efficiently capturing Social Impact information.


We provide training (specific and focused on all types of organizations) on management, measurement and methodologies of social impact.