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AA1000 English Certified Course 2016 23 to 27 of May

AA1000 English Certified Course 2016 23 to 27 of May

EOI, Madrid -

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International Sustainability Practitioner Course: Sustainability and Accountability (Madrid)

Course certified by AccountAbility and acknowledged as fulfilling the training requirements for the Associate level of the Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP) programme.

This five-day public specialized training course is for managers, academics, consultants and auditors seeking a solid grounding in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Module A: Foundation in corporate responsibility and sustainability
Module B: Foundation in stakeholder engagement
Module C: Foundation in sustainability reporting
Module D: Assurance practitioner training

Modules A, B and C provide participants with knowledge on social responsibility, stakeholder engagement and sustainability reporting. Module D permits delegates to take a close look at issues related to assurance, and through a practical exercise apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the course.

This highly practical international course has been specifically designed for professionals interested in learning about corporate responsibility/sustainability management and communication, such as managers, consultants, internal and external auditors, and other professionals interested in developing skills in the field.

Course objetives:

Understand the importance of accountability in the context of sustainability and corporate responsibility
Demonstrate the importance of stakeholder engagement and the role of accountability in strengthening it.
See how engaging with key stakeholders’ helps organisations to manage sustainability.
Find out how the AA1000 standards maybe used as a valuable tool for managing corporate responsibility and sustainability, as well as for reporting.
Learn how to carry out an AA1000 assurance assignment in order to enhance the credibility of a sustainability report. noticia

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