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Our proposals are based on processes of analysis, evaluation and diagnosis of clients' needs and their current status.
We base our proposals on the principle that 'If you can't measure it, you can't manage it' and we provide solutions for measurement of impacts of Corporate Social Action and NPOs (LBG, ONLBG).
In addition, we analyse the risks, impacts and added value of strategies, plans, actions and projects.

Analysis of the impacts of strategic sustainable development plans
  • Materiality studies. To identify issues of relevance to organisations, and prioritise those where their management should focus on a strategic plan.
  • Sustainability map. Analysis of processes implemented in the organisation to identify those on which their management should focus and draw up development strategies.

Analysis of the achievements and impacts of Social Action
  • LBG model. The LBG  methodology serves to measure, manage, assess and communicate all the contributions made by Social Action. It affords a uniform measurement system that defines a common language for organisations.
  • Social action map. Analysis and evaluation of the impacts of on going or future projects, for better selection, management and optimisation of outcomes.

Project evaluation and selection
  • Project analysis. Study of the achievements and social and environmental impacts of ongoing projects or, alternatively, of proposed projects in order to rate their eligibility for selection.

Analysis of reports
  • Analysis of reports.
  • Credibility study. Analysis of the positioning of the organisation on the basis of its communications.

Managing a Sustainable Business, S.L.

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