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Our proposals make it possible to draw up and develop policies, strategies, action plans and management systems focused on issues of material relevance to organisations.

When we work with an organisation on a strategy, we begin by helping identify and manage its material issues.
We do this by using our experience and vision of the entire range of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability issues of diverse sectors world-wide.
We also work in close collaboration with the organisation's senior management and external stakeholders.
This fundamental process generally culminates in the drawing up of a matrix of material issues that link sustainability aspects to business goals, and so help identify strategic priorities.

We can help bring your organisation into line with its approach to sustainability, by:
  • setting up management systems with specific processes for each of its material issues;
  • setting targets and goals for the organisation and each member of staff;
  • designing and imparting training; and,
  • designing and drawing up reports, and using other forms of communication.
This enables organisations to administer the risks that they face, and take maximum advantage of the opportunities which sustainability provides for implementing new activities that might meet emerging social or environmental needs.
The sustainability strategy thus creates value for both the organisation and society.
Furthermore, as a direct result, sustainability becomes an integral part of their brand.

Leadership and vision
  • Stakeholder dialogue procedures.
  • Materiality studies.
  • Review of policies and strategies.

  • Diagnoses and proposals for improvement in SR management systems. Systems integration.
  • Design of sustainability plans.

Management processes
  • Implementation of a management model of material SR issues.
  • Specific processes: code of conduct, management of suppliers, ethical management, etc.

Managing a Sustainable Business, S.L.

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