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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We are extremely demanding in our quality policies.

MAS Business is a consulting firm specialised in the provision of a wide range of CSR and Sustainability services.
Our client roster features a number of large- and medium-sized business enterprises (including some listed on the IBEX 35) as well as other organisations, united by a strong commitment to transparency and sustainability.

Quality is the core of our business, to help our clients create value and improve their performance in terms of sustainability.
We basically achieve this through delivering good products and services, adapted to and applied for the purpose of affording appropriate solutions.
We are committed to continuous improvement in our services, personnel and processes.

Our Quality Management System establishes the framework that provides the necessary thrust for achievement of our goals of value creation and enhanced performance.

The aim of this System is to ensure that MAS Business understands its clients' express or implicit needs and provides them with an answer of a quality that will meet their expectations.

The System consists of establishing a set of procedures and processes, as well as defining the organisation's structure, responsibilities and resource-allocation criteria (which should, in all cases, help meet the clients' expectations and improve allocation of available resources).

The Quality Management System is subject to a process of review and continuous improvement on the basis of feedback received from all the people involved in our project and, in particular, on the basis of the client's perception of the service provided.

The Quality Management System calls for collaboration and participation at all levels, thus making information, communication and training indispensable.

MAS Business is committed to maintaining good relations with the community, within strict observance of the law, advocating respect for the landscape -and for conservation of the environment in particular- (by actively pursuing the twin goals of reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy, and disengaging the generation of waste from economic growth).

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