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Vision and mission

Vision and mission

Our vision
To be part of the leading movement that provides ethical values and practical solutions for the integration of sustainability in the management models of companies and organisations, favouring accountability and promoting cooperation and understanding between organisations that have the capacity to respond to the challenges faced by society. Being the consulting firm of reference in the field of strategic consultancy in sustainable management.

Our mission
To help organisations manage their sustainability, providing strategic services and solutions that create value and economic, social and environmental benefits, through innovation and knowledge, based on a commitment to stakeholders.

Organisations are beginning to become aware of the consequences of their actions in society and the environment, and feel the need to draw up a balance sheet of their actions, so that their businesses can become sustainable and enduring.
Thanks to the new media and technologies, people and organisations are acquiring a more global and supportive outlook.

As disagreeable experiences have sometimes shown, unethical or careless actions can bring about devastating consequences for the population or environment.

For these reasons, and because we wish to be part of the solution to the pressing challenges facing society, we are helping organisations in their need to be more transparent, responsible and supportive in their modus operandi, so as to contribute to a more sustainable world as a basis for their own competitiveness, profitability and existence.

We feel that all organisations regardless of their size, can participate by engaging in good practices, and thus collaborate in the achievement of a more sustainable and healthy world for future generations.

Meaningful dialogue with stakeholders and innovation are two indispensable ingredients to ensure that SR does not become mere window-dressing and lip service to society, but is instead effectively integrated into the organisation's strategy.

Experience has shown that organisations that take the expectations of their stakeholders into account and incorporate these into their management practices, obtain better results and tend to endure.

Our contribution to sustainable development

We are totally focused on helping organisations manage sustainability, by furnishing services and solutions that create economic, social and environmental value and benefit, through innovation and knowledge, and taking stakeholder engagement as the basis for our actions.

We foster lasting relationships with our clients, collaborators and professionals, based on trust and mutual respect.

Our vision of sustainable development consists of the participation of all stakeholders, with each contributing its knowledge, experience and ideas to create today's best solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our mission: to provide our clients with innovative quality services

Our starting point
In order for any committed organisation to advance in sustainability it is essential that its stakeholders be involved in comprehending the impacts of its actions, decisions, products, etc.

Taking stakeholders' concerns into account is fundamental for identifying and understanding the material issues in sustainability, and that this would then enable the appropriate responses to be made. To this end, an organisation must commit itself to and engage with its stakeholders, and this is only possible if it fully accepts its accountability.
Transparency and trust are the key to fostering long-lasting stakeholder engagement, and this is fundamental if an organisation is to be able to benefit from their vision and support.
All our services are based on this basic premise and, for the sake of professional coherence, it is essential that we share this view of sustainability with our clients.

Before accepting any commitment to a potential client, we ensure that the latter shares our understanding of transparency and trust. We feel that if this were not so, then the client would find it difficult to value the work that we do; and this is something that we consider essential for a long-lasting and trusting relationship.

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