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We define Corporate Social Responsibility as right action on the part of companies beyond their purely legal obligations, extended to all areas of their business and all their stakeholders.

We are convinced of the importance of the role of business enterprises in the sustainable development of societies and the planet.
In this conviction, we focus our energy on teaming up with organisations requesting this service, to resolve the challenges they are facing, in order to ensure that their businesses genuinely participate in the necessary evolution that society and nature require.

People and organisations are valuing "BEING" as well as "HAVING", thereby highlighting the importance of Corporate Responsibility and Ethics.
Society is becoming aware of globality and is realising that problems in one part of the world also affect the remainder.
There is an awakening of an awareness of unity: when an organisation acts correctly towards its stakeholders, this yields benefits for everyone in the long term.

We take Corporate Ethics to mean an awareness of Right Action shared by all members of an organisation.
This organisational ethic or awareness of responsibility is in constant flux.
We see this as meaning that CSR is a continuous path of evolution along which businesses must advance in their good practices.
We feel that the function of CSR is to act as its conscience, detecting the expectations of stakeholders and proposing solutions that will eventually come to impregnate the business as a whole. 

Our values.

Proactivity. Balance between avant-garde vision and pragmatic approach
In MAS Business we believe in the balance between a cutting-edge vision (which drives innovation, to be proactive despite possible risks) and a pragmatic approach (oriented towards viability, efficiency, effectiveness and risk control).
We seek this balance to offer solutions and services that best address the triple benefit: economic, social and environmental, so that companies are truly sustainable.

Creation and dissemination of knowledge
MAS Business aims to be an authentic community of knowledge and continuous learning every day, with the participation of workers, collaborators, associates and clients, as well as other entities and individuals.
Through this shared knowledge, value is generated, always oriented towards sustainability.

MAS Business believes that a company can only last over time if it is sustainable: if it knows how to make the most of its resources, both tangible and intangible, and respond to the triple approach (economic, social and environmental).

MAS Business considers transparency as the basis for all its actions both with clients and with its employees, associates and collaborators.
We believe in transparency as an engine for trust and good management in our work.

MAS Business gets involved with its clients' CSR projects, their efforts and goals, adhering to social and environmental causes that are oriented towards the sustainability of the planet and the people who live on it.
Hence the importance that MAS Business gives to its own social action, to contribute to a fairer world.

Managing a Sustainable Business, S.L.

C/Agustín de Foxá, 40. Madrid


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